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Bulma CSS Landing

Impress your customers with this amazing JAMStack web application, built on top of Bulma CSS and Panini Static Generator. The UI Kit is bundled with strong tooling: Gulp, Hot Reload, FTP deployment script, Images lazy load. Blazing Fast - BulmaLanding scores more than 90 on Lighhouse.

Bulma CSS Landing - Gif aniated intro.

How to use it

Bulma CSS Landing is an open-source product, released under MIT license. The source code and documentation contain enough information to help anyone building the app. In case you want to build this product, without leaving this page, just type:

git clone https://github.com/app-generator/bulmalanding.git 
cd bulmalanding 
yarn # install modules 
yarn start # start for development 
yarn build # build for production 
yarn deploy # live deploy 

If all goes well, you shoud see Bulma CSS Landing app running, by visiting localhost:5000 in your preferred browser.


By Sm0ke <('_')> #automation geek.
Projects: Bulma-CSS.com (open-source), AppSeed.

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